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Dance of the Dragonfly link

Looking Back! 

I’ve been sorting through some of my old art and came across an illustration workbook called Dance of the Dragonfly. It was intended to help me produce some greetings cards. I never did make them,...

Easter Joy! 

The place is alive with chicks and bunnies. Not the real sort of course, but I love decorating my home, and an array of springtime paraphernalia collected over decades has made its annual appearance. Mr...

Gem of Cornwall 

Having a wander around St Germans the other day, I was reminded of a poem on the website called ‘Gem of Cornwall’. It came about after a national building society ran a campaign requesting poetry...

Celebrating Daffodils 

Bright and zingy, even on grey days. The yellow petals give a splash of positivity that lifts spirits, and I cannot resist photographing daffodils. They are probably the first type of flower I encountered as...

A Change of Scenery 

Anticipation is heightening. We have booked our main annual holiday after lots of debate. There are so many places Mr Word Loft and I want to travel to, but Croatia was our final choice. I...

Tuscan Dream 

“Are we really here?” I asked my husband, as we sat sipping cappuccinos in the shade of a café parasol on the first day of our holiday. Tuscany was a destination we had longed to...