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Category: Blog


The Enjoyment Express 

Excitement mounted at Bodmin General railway station. Mr Word Loft, myself, and our four-year-old grandson gazed over the railings. In the sidings, old carriages from the fifties gleamed, and a steam engine puffed up the…



I was enchanted for the second year by veils of bluebells growing abundantly at Penryn’s Enys Gardens, where the Bluebell Festival continues until the 8th of May. Wandering through wooded areas, millions of tiny flowers…


The Two Sands 

Cawsand is a perfect Cornish Cove. Locals swim in the bay throughout the year, and Rame Gig Club is based there. When the weather allows, the rowers practice during winter in preparation for the gig…


Write All About It! 

It’s a pity we couldn’t stay longer. Lytes Cary was a stop-off point on the way through Somerset. It’s one of the National Trust’s smaller properties and delightful, but the walks around the estate are…


A Charming Harbour 

Porthleven was an instant hit as soon as I saw it. Although the marina beckoned, I couldn’t help wandering into the Ship Yard. An inside modern marketplace selling art, innovative merchandise and artisan food and…


Underground, Overground 

I can’t believe I haven’t been to Cape Cornwall before. Energy seems to radiate from the atmosphere. Light reflects off of the waves and intensifies the landscape’s colours, and salty air billowing in from the…


Seal of Approval 

So the love affair continues. With lighthouses, of course, and I can’t believe that my feature published in “The People’s Friend” about these iconic landmarks and my fondness for them was over two years ago….


Story Perfect 

“I don’t know where it is,” I replied to Mr Word Loft one evening in the week. “It sounds like a place in an Agatha Christie novel.” And we were amazed to find out Crackington…