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Category: Blog


Maryfield in July 

It never disappoints. Maryfield was one of the first places I lived when I moved to the West Country thirty-five years ago, and recently a yomp around surrounding footpaths was revitalising after being indoors cleaning...
Patching Things Up - decopatch

Patching Things Up 

“It’s a shame it’s scratched and gouged,” I grumbled to Mr Word Loft, as I smoothed my palm over the surface of the sideboard storing my arts and crafts materials.   “Give it a lick...
Old Post Office, Tintagel

The Old Post Office 

The door was open, and I couldn’t wait to go inside. Tintagel’s Old Post Office had been closed on previous trips to the enchanting village, full of whimsical shops and swash-buckling tales of King Arthur....