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Category: Poetry

Precious Pebbles, poem.

Precious Pebbles 

Pebbles fascinate me, and spotting special types along the shore is a favourite pastime. So one day at the beach, it was no surprise that I started jotting down a poem about them. Precious Pebbles...
St Germans viaduct

Gem Of Cornwall 

A short poem about St Germans that was published on a well-known building society’s website a few years ago. ‘The River Tiddy runs through it and spanned by a viaduct, where the Sailing Club lives...
Dance of the Dragonfly

Dance Of The Dragonfly 

Inspired from a creative writing course prompt, this was the first poem I had written in years, and is about the lifecycle of a fascinating insect. ‘A legacy from prehistoric times, beautiful and brightly coloured.’...