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Category: Themes

Precious Pebbles, poem.

Precious Pebbles 

Pebbles fascinate me, and spotting special types along the shore is a favourite pastime. So one day at the beach, it was no surprise that I started jotting down a poem about them. Precious Pebbles...

Tuscan Dream 

“Are we really here?” I asked my husband, as we sat sipping cappuccinos in the shade of a café parasol on the first day of our holiday. Tuscany was a destination we had longed to...

All Wrapped Up! 

Some dislike it; many enjoy it. Whether you are a gift-wrapping genius or not, no one can deny that receiving creatively covered presents builds up the excitement of discovering the surprise inside. It is believed...
Chasing Colours revisited

Chasing Colours 

Land of Ice and Fire was another name I’d heard for the Nordic island before travelling to Iceland, and after a week there I could understand why. The fire part certainly represents the glow the...