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Chance Encounter

Chance Encounter 

“That’s where they sat.” My sister pointed to lawns edging Plymouth Hoe Promenade. I had strolled there often, been to the top of nearby Smeaton’s Tower, and written about the area, but had never noticed...
Precious Pebbles, poem.

Precious Pebbles 

Pebbles fascinate me, and spotting special types along the shore is a favourite pastime. So one day at the beach, it was no surprise that I started jotting down a poem about them. Precious Pebbles...
Little Noel Christmas short story.

Little Noel 

It’s a splendid Christmas treat to see my short story, ‘Little Noel’, printed in The People’s Friend this week. It’s one I couldn’t resist writing and originated from a true family experience decades ago. I...