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Category: Blog


The Unexpected 

The fish market and piles of lobster pots line the seafront to Brixham’s lively quayside, where colourful fishing boats sway in the harbour. Salty air and culinary aromas met us as we walked into town….

Sea Gifts - seashells

Sea Gifts 

‘She sells seashells by the seashore …’, is probably one of the best-known tongue twisters. These natural whorled and ridged sculptures, no longer inhabited by the marine creatures who created them are a popular topic….

Cows, Warson

At The Edge Of Dartmoor 

Moo-ah, moo-ah, gentle lowing, snort. Strangely comforting greetings from a member of the Aberdeen Angus herd in the cattle shed close-by. Far different from the cries of gulls I described last week when I opened…


Daily Catch 

Foe or fan? Whatever the verdict, gulls are full of character and their antics enthralling. Unless, of course, they are trying to steal pasties or ice cream from passers-by. But the advice is to keep…


Down In the Woods 

It’s surprising what fascinating finds might be encountered when out rambling. The Plym Valley is beautiful, shady, and verdant. Squirrels scurry to collect acorns and the sound of birdsong fills the air. The land is…