I’m one of those people who, after Halloween, and when the pumpkin lantern becomes a lopsided squidgy mess, directs my attention to Christmas. I love the season, and even in the summer, if there’s a Christmas shop around, you’ll find me gazing in the window, my purse at the ready. This year, I vowed not to buy any new decorations because our loft floor is bowing under the weight of brimming festive boxes, and our bungalow is beginning to resemble a Santa’s grotto when all preciousness is displayed – inside and out.

So last week, I bought a new nativity scene and stable. I just couldn’t resist the wooden contemporary set. Our old one is very dusty, not really child friendly, and I think it’s important that young visitors can play with the little Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus along with all the other figures. The latest painted collection is just perfect and I can’t wait to put it out.

Over the next few weeks, I aim to write Christmas cards, wrap presents, to use the lockdown time wisely, so as not to have the usual last-minute rush. Good intentions indeed, so let’s hope I stick to them.

Until next week.
Sue. X