Always open to different ideas, I was thrilled to welcome a new festive tradition to our household. Especially as it originates from 16th century Germany, a country sonorous with Christmas splendour and customs. I looked into the significance of the Advent wreath and, suddenly, a distant memory of the television programme Blue Peter’s tinsel hanging creation involving bending wire coat hangers came to mind. Quite dangerous when the candles were lit, no doubt, but fun and enthralling to watch how to construct.

Our tabletop version is nothing like that and was made under the guidance of our German family member. I snipped foliage from the garden and was fortunate to find some ruby buds there. The zesty-cool fragrance of pine and laurel was refreshing as the younger generation shaped the greenery into a circle, symbolizing new and eternal life. Last of all, we set a quartet of candles among the entwined leaves. Each to be lit on the Sundays of Advent. A fifth can be added for Christmas day, and sometimes the third one is pink denoting joy. The making of our special decoration certainly gave us a lot of pleasure and makes a gorgeous centrepiece.

When I started writing this blog post, the title, Four Candles, seemed fitting, but it brought a smile to my face thinking about the Two Ronnies and their legendary comedy sketch. There’s no connection with what I’ve written about, but check it out on YouTube. I’m sure it will make you smile too.

Until next time,
Sue. X