I’ve often made my own Christmas wreaths, but this year I was drawn to photographs on a local produce market’s Facebook page one Saturday evening. After a few private messages to find out prices, choose the ribbon, and to arrange collection, I placed an order. It was as easy as that, while I chomped on chocolates and drank a delicious fruity punch, watching ‘Love Actually’ again.

Trerulefoot Local Produce Market is only a few minutes up the road from the village where we live. We combined buying our door decor on the way to our nearest town for Christmas shopping. The wreath was more beautiful than the pictures had indicated, brimming with real pine cones, evergreens and holly, the berries shiny and bright. I remembered reading that throughout history, adorning homes in winter with evergreens symbolized long-lasting life, which is quite a cheery thought in these times.

Sprigs of mistletoe glistening at the tent entrance were enticing. I love traditional trimmings, so added a clump of the greenery, thought by some to have mystical powers, to my order and have it dangling down from our hallway ceiling.

The freshly baked sourdough loaves smelt warm and homely. We purchased two types to go in our freezer in readiness for the holidays and plan on going back at the end of the week to top up with more goodies. Cornish foods, plants and crafts, there’s much to offer for a fairly small venue – it’s well worth a visit.  

Until next time.
Sue. X