Who do you think you are staring at? The rather glorious-looking bird’s expression seemed to portray as I drew back the curtains and he tiptoed and strutted in one action along the back wall.

Keeping me keenly in his sight, he showed off his beautiful plumage but was unable to resist the grain I had placed close to the window to entice feathery friends nearer for us to see them better. Not that I had expected to encourage a pheasant to the garden.

He’s returned a few times and even tapped on our patio doors one evening, although he soon scurried off when we ventured over to find out what the noise was all about. On each occasion, I’m reminded of the tongue twister ‘The Pheasant Plucker’, a verse taken from ‘The Pheasant Plucking Song’, of which there are varied versions.

I’m not very good with those types of rhymes, and great care is needed when reciting the above, especially when around children. I think that I will stick to ‘Seashells’ and ‘Peter Piper’; they are much easier and safer to say.

Until next time.
Sue. X