“What’s that over there?” I asked Mr Word Loft and my grandson as we journeyed on a steam train from Bodmin a few months ago. A monumental obelisk rose on a hillside in the distant countryside.

So imagine my amazement when stopping to reset my car’s sat-nav after a recent dental appointment to see it situated at the end of a cul-de-sac, amid houses and surrounded by parkland. I had to rush home, so couldn’t explore further, but made a mental note to go back another day.

I discovered the green space is called Bodmin Beacon and returned this week.

The 144ft tall granite obelisk, is in the heart of the nature reserve which sprawls outwards with numerous pathways. Some are suitable for easy access and others ramble in all directions throughout woods and fields. It has a historical background and was central to many activities such as cricket, football, and Cornish wrestling in the past.

We wandered around the General Sir Walter Raleigh Monument obelisk, erected in 1855, in memory of Bodmin’s most prominent citizen for his conquests abroad.

It’s uplifting to hear birds singing and to identify a wealth of wildflowers with butterflies circling them.

A notice advises of other animals living there; I didn’t see any, although I did hear scurrying in the undergrowth. Maybe because it was early evening with people going to and fro. Families picnicking, dog walkers and people generally enjoying the scenery – like Mr Word Loft and me. After a hectic day, it was rejuvenating to take a deep breath and savour the tranquillity of the place under a soothing blue sky.

Until next time,
Sue. X