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Tag: Bodmin


It’s Criminal! 

Picturesque on the outside and appalling inside. Just what I expected of a historical prison. Warden, Old Martin, takes pleasure in the telling of Bodmin Jail’s grim past. Thieves, murderers, and ghosts of poor souls...

Out of the Blue 

“What’s that over there?” I asked Mr Word Loft and my grandson as we journeyed on a steam train from Bodmin a few months ago. A monumental obelisk rose on a hillside in the distant...

A Purple Type of Day 

I always feel in harmony with nature at Cardinham Woods. Every season brings a change in the scenery. It’s the first time I’ve visited in September, and clumps of feathery heather spikes, their tiny purple...

Wild And Free 

The moors were refreshing, even on a damp afternoon. Desolate and green, the beauty of Minions Moor always amazes me and so peaceful from when it was a mining hub two centuries ago. The tin...