Travelling down Devonport’s ferry hill with Torpoint across the river is always a happy sight, especially after a long stay away. It means – almost home, and on the last occasion, I was fortunate not to be driving, as lights twinkling in the twilight beckoned.

“I’ll meet you onboard once all the cars have boarded,” I said to Mr Word Loft, as I stepped briskly from the car, aimed and clicked my camera, lucky to capture the three ferries all in different stages of crossing the Hamoaze.

The evening was perfect for reflections and the water fairly calm after a wet blustery day as I headed for the vessel’s pedestrian side. It was good to see the slipways and hefty parallel chains which operate the individual ferries close-up. Each has a different name; Tamar, Lynher and Plym, all being the second generation, and when cars are loaded onto them, it’s a bonus if directed to the right-hand lane. It means you will be one of the first off when disembarking. Of course, you might end up in the left-hand lane and be one of the last vehicles off, which always seems to be when in a hurry.

Well, on this occasion, we weren’t in a rush and only returning from a short journey, as we were on the way back from Plymouth’s Theatre Royal after a jolly family outing to see the matinée performance of the pantomime, Aladdin.

Whenever I make the ten-minute crossing at night, the words of a song from my childhood, starting ‘When lamps are lighted in the town, the boats sail out to sea …’ come to mind. I’m always surprised none of my family know it as I tra-la-la merrily. Maybe someone reading this will be familiar with it, though. Please let me know?

Until next time,
Sue. X