As one year ends and another begins, gazing over the sea towards the horizon is more thought-provoking than in any other season. Contemplating the last twelve months and dreaming of good times to come, breathing in the chilly air, and listening to waves lapping over the shore is uplifting.

We spent the festive break with family further down in Cornwall, so it was lovely to stomp off some calories. After enjoying hot chocolate and a cookie at the café (I know, extra calories to stomp off), the walk along Falmouth’s, sandy Gyllyngvase Beach was inspiring.

Built in Henry VIII’s day, Pendennis Castle’s battlements are prominent on the headland. With clear rock pools below the muddy coastal pathway, the views are stunning on the downhill trudge to Swanpool Beach with its turquoise depths. It was busy there with dog walkers and children playing, their voices floating on the breeze still holding the tone of excitement from the celebrations. As usual, we searched for sea glass in the shingle and weren’t disappointed with our mini treasure collection. Who knows what creative project the colourful gems will be part of in 2022?

I’ve noted the area for a longer return visit as there is a nature reserve and lagoon to explore when the weather is more promising, but we headed back to the car, admiring pretty delicate pink flowers and strands of dried filigree-like foliage along the way.

Back at home, by my writing bureau, hangs an old oil painting of a woman staring out to sea. Seagulls fish in pale blue ripples, others wheel overhead; the sun’s reflection bursts through a gap in the clouds and illuminates the water’s surface. Although bought in a gallery, it’s an unsigned piece and I often wonder about the artist. It may have been a picture hastily produced for tourists, but whatever the case, it touches me. So whenever I need a quick dose of nature, or if life is being unkind, the art gives me hope that everything will be fine in the end. And just like strolling along the beach, I feel at peace.

Wishing everyone happiness and good health for the future.

All the best,
Sue. X