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Category: Blog


Busy Times 

It’s been an eventful and hectic week, so sending a virtual floral arrangement instead of my usual blog post. Have a great week ahead and I’ll be back soon. Bye for now,Sue. X


On the Quiet Side 

It’s busy at this time of year, which is great. It’s fantastic to see visitors around, and I’m looking forward to having dear friends stay. It’ll be wonderful spending time with them again after a…


Roses Everywhere 

It’s celebration time – a special wedding anniversary of Mr Word Loft’s and mine, and I’m pleased that our congratulatory roses have bloomed again to coincide with the occasion. Friends bought the shrub for a…


A Sailing Paradise 

A few miles away from Falmouth, Mylor was a pleasant surprise when we discovered the village recently. My son had attended Falmouth university, so family and friends had spent plenty of time in the vicinity,…

Bedruthan Steps

Spectacular Coastline 

It’s breathtaking, and that’s not an exaggeration. Whenever I reach the path’s end from Carnewas car park and see Bedruthan’s view, I breathe in and stare in awe across the headland. It’s a popular spot,…


Legendary Landscape 

Bodmin Moor is alluring even on a rainy day. We wrapped up in waterproofs and trudged along the main track towards Gold Diggings Quarry on the left, and Cheesewring to the right. Which destination? We…


Happy 1st Birthday 

Hasn’t time flown by? I can’t believe it’s a year since Word Loft first went online and I’ve written fifty-plus blog posts. Thanks to everyone who has read them, and an even bigger one to…