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Category: Blog


Easter Joy! 

The place is alive with chicks and bunnies. Not the real sort of course, but I love decorating my home, and an array of springtime paraphernalia collected over decades has made its annual appearance. Mr...

Gem of Cornwall 

Having a wander around St Germans the other day, I was reminded of a poem on the website called ‘Gem of Cornwall’. It came about after a national building society ran a campaign requesting poetry...

Celebrating Daffodils 

Bright and zingy, even on grey days. The yellow petals give a splash of positivity that lifts spirits, and I cannot resist photographing daffodils. They are probably the first type of flower I encountered as...

A Change of Scenery 

Anticipation is heightening. We have booked our main annual holiday after lots of debate. There are so many places Mr Word Loft and I want to travel to, but Croatia was our final choice. I...
One Misty Night, short story.

One Misty Night 

A lie, an accident, and a strange encounter on the moors filled Jake and Mitchell with uncertainty. Find out how they coped in this seven-minute-read short story. Click or tap the following link: Happy reading.All...

An Alpaca Day! 

“Where shall we go that’s different from our usual haunts?” I asked Mr Word Loft. He had booked a day off of work to spend time with our grandson. And as if by magic, the...