Summer days reminded me of my poem inspired by St Ives and other coastal towns. It was printed in a national magazine last year and I thought now was the ideal time to share it again.

Special Day Out

To the seaside, we travelled by bus –
An enchanting nautical paradise found without fuss –
Edged by a promenade and backdrop of glittering sea,
Light winds and bright sunshine – what better place to be?

The shops all around were fun to explore,
We chose lots of souvenirs for family and friends to adore.
Pretty houses and cottages across the bay could be seen,
With gardens of bright flowers and foliage of lush green.

Local artists showed off their work in the community hall,
Pottery, paintings, mosaics, knitting and all,
So much talent expressed in local folk’s art,
Supporting the town’s area plays a good part.

After a snack of fish and chips, we headed to the beach,
It looked inviting and was easy to reach.
A time of relaxation, entertainment and tasty food,
At the day’s end, we returned home in a happy mood.