As I write this first blog, I’m happy but apprehensive to begin something new. With the encouragement and lots of help from my husband, our son and his partner, Word Loft is ready to share – so a big thank you to them.

The last three months in lockdown have been strange, to say the least, and yet it has given me the chance to focus on an important part of my life by connecting with a wider reading audience.

The first point to tackle was the website’s name. ‘Word’ seems an obvious choice, and ‘Loft’ reminds me of an artist’s garret of old. That’s where I imagine myself at my writing bureau these days.

From the window, the slate roof glistens as I look down to the barbeque area where lavender clumps glow purple and verdant beside red brick walls. The evenings are best when I’m tidying the garden and brush against the fronds releasing the fresh sweet fragrance on and around me.

Last year the bees buzzed throughout it until the end of August. This season, there doesn’t seem to be so many, although they appear very contented and I bet their honey tastes divine. Maybe they’re isolating as well. I hope not, they are fascinating to watch and so precious, and I’m optimistic for more returning and being busier than ever this summer of 2020.