Lockdown exercise usually starts with a walk along the lane at the bottom of our road. The viaduct spanning the River Tiddy is a prominent scenic view, with allotments close by, but most pleasing is the field where we usually see Shadow.

Sometimes other people are looking over the wall at him, but throughout the last year, he seems to have received more attention, especially from children. The black horse has been popular with generations of villagers, but in our family, he has become a local celebrity, as our young grandson adores him.

When we appear at one of the gates, our horsey friend usually glances around and then carries on munching grass for a while, but eventually, he will wander over for a stroke. ‘No feeding please’ though, a note pinned up nearby from his owner kindly requests, ‘by advice of the vet.’ I guess that in the past he’s been fed too many extra carrots from well-meaning passers-by, including us.

I’ll be off to the Community Shop in the morning and it always cheers me up to see him as I go by. Recently, he’s been sporting a new coat covering his fluffy winter fur; very becoming. A very handsome animal and appreciated by many.

Until next time.
Sue. X