My curiosity was piqued by the statue. I’m so pleased I came across it on a saunter from the shopping centre as I headed toward Plymouth’s Theatre Royal.

Sculpted by Rodney Munday, St Andrew, has been casting his fishing net from the top of two pillars creating a contemporary archway between the city and the Minster of St Andrew, since 2017.

It’s a coincidence that another unique piece of art is situated only a short walk away outside the theatre. Messenger is much larger; a 7-meter-high actor crouching astride the entrance and formed in bronze. Theatre-goers can wander underneath, leading them into a world of entertainment and escapism. The message is simple, uniting writers and ideas via actors to the audience.

I wrote a blog post about famous Messenger just over a year ago, and have photographed it often, just like many other people. It’s a shame my latest find and elegant lesser-known sculpture doesn’t receive as much attention.

The symbolic metal figure of St Andrew is more serious and reflects the disciple’s role of ‘Fisher of Men’. It’s difficult to believe the net is made of metal – the mesh appears so delicate and fluid as it is cast above the heads of passersby. And from different angles, the outer lines depict the Christian fish symbol and St Andrew’s Cross.

It’s surprising what can be found in an area I thought I was familiar with, and I’m looking forward to making more discoveries in the future, whatever they may be.

Until next time,
Sue. X