Whenever there’s a chance, I take it. A glimpse of the Theatre Royal’s Messenger sculpture in Plymouth always impresses, and I don’t think I will ever have taken enough photographs. Standing astride the entrance, the 7-metre-high bronze female figure of a performing actor holds a powerful stance. Cornish sculptor Joseph Hillier found inspiration from Shakespeare’s play, Othello.

It was a few years from conception to installation and commemorates the completion of the theatre’s regeneration project. The official unveiling of Messenger took place in spring 2019. I couldn’t wait until then after watching the news and seeing the gargantuan piece travelling by road and river to its home. And even with a metal safety fence surrounding it, it still looked grand.

Lit up at night time, it makes a spectacular sight and must be one of the most popular spots in Plymouth. It’s amusing to walk under and around it. More importantly, it delivers a meaningful message, portraying communication from writers via actors to an audience. And what better place than at the Theatre Royal.

It’s pantomime season soon, with another message. This time, the hilarious kind, and I’m so looking forward to seeing Aladdin with my four-year-old grandson. Oh yes, I am!

Until next time,
Sue. X