We are so fortunate to live only a three-minute walk away from another picturesque part of the village. It’s a place to admire and inspire whatever the weather. At the moment the water’s murky because of recent storms, but the light and reflections make it a photography paradise on any occasion.

Each of St Germans viaduct arches creates a frame for sections of the gorgeous countryside and water views of Port Eliot Estate, and across the River Tiddy to farmland where sheep often scramble about the hills.

Along the quayside; the sailing club, cottages and lime kilns have been the setting for a piece of flash fiction, and there’s an idea brewing for a children’s story that I plan to write in the future.

Trains cross the viaduct frequently, and from that height, passengers have a birds-eye view of the scenery below. I often wonder what they think as they travel back and forth looking down, especially if they live in a built-up area as I did long ago.

One Saturday in summer, the green and pathways are usually thronging with folk enjoying the annual regatta, while the rest of the season the sailing fraternity are out in their boats, but now most have been lifted out for winter.

These days it’s always peaceful sitting on a bench gazing across the ripples or the mudflats depending on the tide with sounds of coastal birds’ calls floating on the breeze. It makes a refreshing escape from indoors, especially when decorating is in progress. For time to dream and to just breathe.

Until next time.
Sue. X