The moors were refreshing, even on a damp afternoon. Desolate and green, the beauty of Minions Moor always amazes me and so peaceful from when it was a mining hub two centuries ago. The tin and copper legacy remain to explore and admire. Rows of railway stone sleeper blocks disappearing into mizzle and the ruins of engine houses rising out of mist were impressive.

The weather was breezy but mild. “I’m feeling quite warm,” I expressed, slipping my mittens off as we crested the ridge of Gold Diggings Quarry. “But not that warm.” We looked down, surprised at a group of people swimming in its deep tranquil waters as if it was summer.

The Cheesewring tor crowns the wind-sculpted landscape flashed with yellow vanilla-scented gorse, where horses, sheep, and cattle graze amid bracken and ancient stones. The animals seemed happy for us to pass close to them as we trudged along on our mini-escapade.

Waterproofs dried and hiking boots wiped of mud, we are ready for another jaunt in the wilds soon, and grateful that such an energy steeped countryside is only a short drive from home.

Until next time.
Sue. X