‘We’re on our way,’ a message pinged through.

Our dining companions usually cut their arrival close to arranged times, whereas Mr Word Loft and I are generally too early.

The restaurant wasn’t open for another half an hour, so we set off in search of coffee, and that’s when we noticed the view. The sea glittered at the bottom of the hill and the sun shone. It was an opportunity not to be missed for a mini-exploration before having lunch at Portscatho’s Standard Inn in West Cornwall.

In a jiffy we were marching enthusiastically towards Gerrans Bay, taking a few minutes to browse around an art gallery before passing the Plume of Feathers on the square.

Something was alluring about the turquoise waters as we drew closer, and the vista revealing itself from a walkway between buildings was astounding as waves rolled and shushed over swathes of seaweed-strewn sand.

The picture book cove is embraced by verde-topped cliffs sheltering it from high winds, making it an ideal fishing port, especially in bygone days when pilchard fleets crested the waves. Now the beach is popular with families swimming and playing in the rock pools.

‘Nearly there,’ another message came through.

We managed to have a rushed look around the village. Alice Rhiannon Jewellery and The Sea Garden were just two of the inspiring shops there. We made necessary purchases at the general stores and dashed to the Standard Inn. The staff were friendly and efficient, and all four of our meals were absolutely delicious.

It wasn’t until heading to the car park, that we observed the Mediaeval church opposite in more detail. Gerrans Church with its unusual octagonal spire is believed to be a navigational mark for sailors and fishermen. It has associations with Celtic legends and there is a small Celtic cross in the grounds, dated between the 6th and 10th centuries, but we had other plans for the afternoon and Portscatho had proved to be an unexpected highlight.

That is why we intend to return for an extended visit; maybe for a whole weekend or longer. What a marvellous idea!

Until next time,
Sue. X