Portwrinkle. The place-name always cheers me up and I wondered where it came from. I hadn’t really thought about it until I started to write about our mini trip. It’s not listed in my edition of ‘The Oxford Names Companion’. However, I did find a page of fascinating facts about it in a local book, although it still didn’t explain where the name derived from.

One source of information suggests that seafarers saw the harbour from their boats, but it fell into the crease of their map, so it became ‘port in the wrinkle’, and subsequently shortened. I’m not sure about that definition but I’ll leave you to make up your mind.

Once famous for its pilchard cellars, there are still some buildings remaining that incorporate the 17th century walls. The Smugglers Cottage is often photographed and if it could speak, might tell many an intriguing tale. The rest of the village is a mixture of modern houses and bungalows stacked up the hillside overlooking the bay.

We were there to enjoy the ambience, feel the wind on our faces and to stretch our legs. Down a pathway beside a café, the beach is never disappointing whatever the weather. From gazing towards the horizon and daydreaming, to studying rockpools edged with gritty sand that often presents multicoloured sea glass, as ripples shush over the shore.

I soon collected some tiny treasures ready for a greetings card-making session, and a chunk of tumbled turquoise pottery which will make a pretty brooch. Sadly, we noticed a lot of micro-plastic at the same time. We picked up plenty of pieces to throw away, but not enough to make a difference. The beautiful surroundings weren’t marred, but the danger to sea life, birds and creatures a worry.

Some brave souls were swimming, along with a lone surfer riding the waves. Just watching them made me shiver. Although I admire their plucky wintertime antics, I prefer being wrapped up warm, with the smell of seaweed blowing in the breeze, and feeling grateful for having such inspirational coastline so close to home.

Until next time.
Sue. X