“Where shall we go that’s different from our usual haunts?” I asked Mr Word Loft. He had booked a day off of work to spend time with our grandson.

And as if by magic, the answer popped up on my FaceBook newsfeed. Alpaca Trekking with Moor View Alpacas.

The farm overlooks Bodmin Moor and opened over the half-term break with a new petting area, as well as mini treks, so ideal.

Cooper, Dobby and Reggie, were on a mini trek when we arrived. We watched them from outside the sheep pen and then headed down to the café to book up to take them out. I don’t know who was the most delighted out of us all, as we led them around in the mud.

It mizzled continually, but even with wet coats, the smiley creatures are cute and make adorable humming sounds.  

Additional sheep were snug in a barn, some ready to give birth, and lambs nestled into the bodies of others. Around the edge, children sat on straw bales and enjoyed holding guinea pigs and rabbits.

Chickens clucked from their run on our way up to a field of more alpacas who came nosing towards us, their friendly faces sniffing out food purchased at the entrance, especially for them.

Time for hot drinks and sausage rolls in the café, where I couldn’t resist buying a small bag of alpaca fleece to make a felted picture. It was from Reggie; he’s a small white one and so soft to touch.

Our grandson, however, spent pocket money on an inflatable meerkat and a comical alpaca keyring. Unbelievable, when there is a gorgeous range of alpaca products – but that’s five-year-old boys for you.

It had us wondering. We hadn’t seen any meerkats and, after enquiring, discovered they were sheltering inside their hut. They’re not keen on chilly weather, but poked their heads out of the door and then ran around before perching on back legs as if on watch duty in an amusing manner.

“Once more. Please, Nanna?” My grandson skipped back to the barn to snuggle a white and sandy guinea pig before going home.

“Of course,” I replied, following him eagerly. Guinea pigs, and now alpacas, are among my favourite animals.

Until next time,
Sue. X