“I’ve been here before,” I said to my son, as we drove down a road dotted with palm trees and superb coastal views, and parked outside his new apartment. Mr Word Loft followed behind in a hire van, then manoeuvred it expertly into a space nearby, like he had driven it for years.

We quickly determined we had stayed in a Bed and Breakfast accommodation across the road about fifteen years ago, and were familiar with Gyllyngvase Beach, fondly known as Gylly Beach by locals. What a delight to live so close to one of Falmouth’s four beaches, and within walking distance of the town centre.

We promised ourselves that once the van was emptied and the apartment tidy and cosy, a stroll along the shore was a must. Eventually, after a busy but enjoyable time, we rewarded ourselves late the next afternoon with a wander beside the sea.

The rose-hued skies reflecting off of the turquoise water and landscape were alluring and made the experience all the more splendid after the copious amounts of rain lately.

It was bright with an icy breeze, but clear and glorious. Many others thought so too, because the Cornish resort, although not crowded, was a hub of activity. Dog walkers, people playing ball games, and families enjoying the fresh air. Swimmers braved the elements, but surprisingly, there were no surfers. I guess the waves weren’t the right sort. Nevertheless, they were soothing as they shushed over shingle and sand leaving a trail of white spume before topping up rock pools. Enchanting!

I was pleased to spot daffodils so early in the season growing within Queen Mary Gardens at the top of the beach. Named after King George V’s wife in 1912, the pathways and flowerbeds create a tranquil setting with a small meandering ornamental stream flowing through it.

No wonder the grounds are the subject of a great deal of art and photography.

Our jaunt was a real treat after titivating and helping to arrange furniture. And now we are looking forward to a return visit so we can explore further afield.

Wishing you peace and joy in 2024.
Sue. X

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