Foe or fan? Whatever the verdict, gulls are full of character and their antics enthralling. Unless, of course, they are trying to steal pasties or ice cream from passers-by. But the advice is to keep an eye on them, as they are more likely to stay away if they know they are being watched. At least the cheeky little fellow in the photograph waited until the people had left the restaurant before helping himself to their leftover scallops and chips.

I think they sense my fondness for them, as they’ve never bothered me when dining al fresco. Even when a sweet speckled chick became separated from its nest recently, the parents stood guard from their sentry box on our fence and responded to my gentle reassurance as I walked near, by staying put.

Living in Cornwall, I feel lucky that they’re never far away, and today was awakened by their early morning shrill calls, which was a cheery start to the day. Much better than when they march across the roof tiles sounding like they’re a crowd wearing Doc Martens.

For as long as I can recall, I have loved them and was enamoured reading the fable, ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’, by Richard Bach; the photographs by Russell Munson are superb by the way.

Since then, I’ve created them in pottery and sold artwork by other artists to gull lovers from the gifts and art shop that I owned. The copies are nothing in comparison to the real bird, but instead, a salute to the seabirds beauty and grace, dipping and wheeling ethereally over land and sea.

Until next time.
Sue. X