Thanks to the recent stormy weather, I investigated part of Liskeard that I don’t often visit. I needed to buy presents for forthcoming birthdays, including Mr Word Loft, so in a lull between storms, I ventured into the ancient stannary market town. It’s close to where I live and has a small mixture of shops; a few chain stores mingled with independent outlets. However, it’s sad to see some empty premises along Fore Street with estate agent signs outside, but hopefully, they will soon be filled with inspiring small businesses.

This gives me the chance to mention the newsagents there – Liskeard News. It’s probably the best I have been into in over a decade. Their range of magazines is excellent and there has only been one occasion when the title I requested wasn’t in stock. This was quickly remedied; an order was placed and ready for collection within days.

So my quest for gifts led me past the pointed arched Pipe Well. At the same time, sunshine burst through clouds, the perfect opportunity to stop and find out more.

Located on Well Lane, the well was the earliest recorded main source of water to the town but is now undrinkable. It’s made with granite from Cheesrwring on Bodmin Moor, with four silvery pipes spouting water in front of gates protecting the natural supply rising from underground.

The cast iron fleur-de-lis tipped gates are festooned with floral wreaths and a garland, which when I looked at more closely, are created of crocheted flowers. They are part of a Liskeard in Bloom project and the colourful handiwork certainly adds even more charm to this historic spot.

In the past, the fount was thought to have healing powers and to bring good luck to those seeking marriage. A magic stone is built into the well – drinking its water from cupped hands allowed secret wishes to be made in the belief that they would be fulfilled within a year.

Heavy rain began to fall again, so clutching my bagful of goodies, and happy with my purchases and bygone interlude – home beckoned.

Until next time,
Sue. X